Ellisa Sun cuts out her heart and leaves it on the stage, which is why she never wears white. 

Ellisa recently completed her nationwide Dreamboat tour, during which she lived and traveled with her partner in a 30-foot Winnebago, playing 170 shows in 365 days. After the tour, Ellisa relocated to Nashville, Tennessee.

Inspired by R&B/soul artists from Amy Winehouse to Lauryn Hill, jazz and bossa nova artists from Jobim to Gilberto, and singer-songwriters from John Mayer to Joni Mitchell, her music is a unique blend of genres that creates an honest, textured sound with raw, heartfelt storytelling. 

Ellisa’s music can be heard on the Sony Pictures Television show L.A.’s Finest, starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba, and the BCDF Pictures film Can You Keep a Secret?, starring Alexandra Daddario. Ellisa’s song “Just a Little More” was placed in Guys We F@#cked, The Anti-Slut Shaming podcast, which has an audience of over 20K. Her song “Evening” was recently featured in the show Kung Fu on the CW.

Over the past two years during COVID-19, Ellisa has been active in the community by collaborating remotely with various Nashville musicians for a music series called Music Room Monday on YouTube. Recently Ellisa has been performing locally in Nashville with her band. She is currently working on a 6-song EP, featuring some of Nashville finest musicians.


...dynamic vocals...filled with a power that grows by the second”

Lisa Milman, The Deli SF

Sun commands the room. Her voice is pretty, but that prettiness is overshadowed by its strength. It was practically athletic; a Ronda Rousey of vocals”

SarahJayn Kemp, The Bay Bridged

Channeling major Amy Winehouse vibes, SF artist Ellisa Sun has created an acoustic, neo-soul song that’s as near to perfect as any song could be”

SF Weekly

Ellisa Sun is a force of nature”

Lauren Riley, KFOG