Ellisa Sun @ Ellisa Sun and Emily Ronna: “I’m From Here” and "Scroll" Single Release Party

Ellisa Sun and Emily Ronna: “I’m From Here” and "Scroll" Single Release Party, Nashville, TN

Ellisa Sun:

Come celebrate Ellisa Sun’s long awaited single “I’m From Here” at the Bowery Vault. Ellisa, a 2nd Generation half-Chinese American from Los Angeles but relocated to Nashville, is a unique artist blending elements of indie soul, jazz, and blues into a rich palette of storytelling and instrumentation. After moving to Tennessee, where it became more and more apparent that she was often the only Asian person in the room, she had to come to terms with her identity using the only tools she knew how--singing and songwriting. And in a COVID-19 world, where she observed and personally experienced anti-Asian sentiment, she needed to write a song about it. “I’m From Here” takes us on an arc of discovery and builds itself more and more throughout. Sun’s raw, soulful voice shines through with rich tones reminiscent of Billie Holiday.

Emily Ronna:

Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, Emily Ronna spent the first decade of her musical journey convinced she was going to front a punk band. Soon after realizing the marriage of a band didn't suit her, she fled the "altar" for a stab at a solo career in Nashville. Launching the project in the beginning of 2021, Ronna utilized the first four singles as a way of discussing the intersection between her mental health and sexuality. Now, with new single "Scroll,” Ronna rounds out her feelings in a fully packaged EP, uncoincidentally coined “Sex & Depression (S.A.D.)”. “Scroll,” another cleverly coined title, details the hateful/obsessive relationship most people face with social media. Though the phenomenon is common, the level of slightly-too-honest wit is something that can only be found on a Ronna original: “If I post a nip-slip, will I get more engagement?” As Ronna has also discovered, the unfortunate answer is yes. S.A.D. is available everywhere December 3rd.